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delta you were at 3 of my all time "milsim" games

jaguar kings (wolfpack)
shallow lake 2 (Ladytresses)
athena 2 (fuzzhead)

jaguar kings, had morse code over the radio, gps coordinates, chill time, drink time, food time, back to game time so much things over 24 hours I loved it.

Shallow lake 2, fuck sakes Im miserable I guess this is what real soldiers feel like lol, oh shit I have tick bites i hope i dont have lime disease , or get eating by a bear or a black widow bite lol

athena 2, had so much going on, constant objectives, tons of game control staff...


basically keep me busy for aslong as you can =milsim, not skirmish me as long as you can, just keep me busy (fighting, not fighting, finding things, helping, rescuing) and I will enjoy it...

but I do have to side with Hectic big time on the GEN 3.... you saved up a whole year and bought some GEN 3, great, your finally a ninja in airsoft, *hand clap* does it make you feel good when half the guys toss in the towel? or maybe putting yourself at a EQUAL disadvantages actually makes the game fun? Im not against them, but when you can see guys walking in the dark knowing they cant see shit, how are you having fun? its like signing up for a game and seeing all VETS on one side, and all NOOBS on the other, how do you expect to have fun at the game when its clearly uneven? was it worth it?

anyways... keep me busy, objectives, ... day objectives, night objectives, fighting, not fighting, searching, building, the other constant theme is limited ammo... unlimited ammo makes it feel like a skirm and fuck those complainers, they arent for milsims... the best feeling in a milsim is "should I try to shoot that guy or conserve ammo" "I need 2 guys to follow me into x... I dont know if I have enough shots" "oh fuck im out of ammo what do we do now were surrounded?" limited ammo and milsims go hand in hand... not that "300" BB limit go back to spawn and reload 300 again... Im talking that 50 BB??? the whole GAME??? "maybe" type ammo limits...

keep the guys on the field, away from their cars, cars are safety blankets, Ive resorted to them myself but each game I like to think I come better prepared each milsim... those 3 games I mentioned have that common thread, every player was still in the game up until the game ended,

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