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A greater technical representation. Use of accurate tactical terms (e.g. "Take out" is not a tactical term; seize, secure, isolate, destroy, block, deny, etc are tactical terms). From my perspective MILSIM is more than wearing the gear and going through extended duration operations. It's a mindset and the ability to duplicate (as best possible) the environment, language, and activities of real military operations.

The guys who want short duration events? Fine - treat it just like a direct action raid. Plan and rehearse the hell out of it (using technical terms, graphics, and methodologies). Guys who want longer duration? Fine - treat it like a company-sized extended operation to seize/hold multiple, complex objectives. Do all the pre-mission activities you do in real life. Just how reenactors pride themselves on period accuracy I believe MILSIM folks should pride themselves on technical (and tactical) accuracy both in word and deed.

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