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I think for many that don't know about what is really involved in Milsim, and are only into the fast paced scrim games. There needs to be a middle step. Call it Milscrim.

Milsim, to me, is objective based game play with clearly defined roles and rule of engagement. Its not about trigger time its about strategy, team dynamics, working as a unit, clear communications. Its about out thinking your opponent rather than out shooting him. This does not what many younger (and some older) airsofters want, they count their kills and decide if they had a good day by the ratio of deaths to kills. I use to be like that.

In Milscrim you could start to get the speedballers interested in more objectives than killing the enemy. This can have some of the objective, team oriented stuff going on, but still have a good amount of trigger time and action. This is where I'm at now. I love this kind of game play. And it seems that the younger, faster players are good with it as well.
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