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What is "Milsim" to you?

Airsoft, more specifically, "Milsim" has changed a lot when I first started playing. When I first started just over 5 years ago, every Milsim operated under the phrase "if you're not miserable, it's not a milsim" - You were routinely asked to stay on defense, do actual work like digging holes or fortifying positions, and spending most of a 24 hour period not doing anything.

Most games I see have people leaving early now after they have had their fill, or saying games where they are fighting for only 12 out of 24 hours as "boring" - Milsim in a lot of ways has now come to mean skirmish.

I'm slowly trying to work back to the fundamentals of Milsim - but I need input from you guys. What makes a game a Milsim for you? What elements are important to the game? What have you found distracts from the overall experience? What would you like to see more of and what would you like to see less of?
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