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Location: Vancouver
I own:

WE M14EBR GBB (collection, not really for gaming)
VFC HK 416D GBB (purely collection)
VFC HK MP5 GBB (collection + formerly gamed)
Umarex HK MK23 SOCOM (collection)
KSC HK USP (active duty)
TM Sig P226R (active duty)

VFC HK 416CQB(I wanna get rid of the CQB trademark and make it D). Also my primary rifle
Custom-built Diemaco C8A3 CSOR-style (collection + gaming with CSOR outfit)
Custom-built Diemaco C8A3 (backup gun. May either convert to C8A3 CF or give away)

Given away:
G&G M4

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