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Taktik: A photo-op without rounds seems pretty innocent, but treads into dangerous naivete.
If the kids pictured were playing in a residential neighborhood in those pictures, the parents committed several crimes and endangered their neighbors/ property.
Your hearts are 100% in the right place, but off to a bad start.

[Old Post] The silver lining here is that if some Airsoft dude calls in an 'airsoft' complaint, then the police will be prepared for an 'airsoft' complaint rather than a 'gun' complaint.

Beyond that, the "Get off my lawn!" in me would be upset to have stray bbs damaging my flower pots, disrupting my hastas, and God help the child who accidentally hits myself or my cats.

This is an irresponsible goober parent issue that begs for correction. A call to LE is absolutely appropriate, and also 100% the goober parent(s) problem because they posted photos of illegal activity on social media (come ooooon). [Old Post]

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