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Good day ASC members

We would like to take a moment to add to the conversation. These pictures have been posted by a group of parents that would like to teach theirs kids about airsoft and responsibilities. These pictures have been posted before we met the parents. We had a good conversation about the law, rules and public responsibility. Which is why they now play in a closed and controlled environment that is insured and supervised.

As all of us know airsoft rules and regulations are not easy to come by. There are many interpretations and opinions about our beloved sport. The group of parents showed us interest in going in the right direction. Coaching people to act a certain way is more productive then threatening them. As a parent I understand what they want to do. Create the next generation of responsible airsoft player. We all make mistakes and the ability to learn and move forward is the most important thing. Please provide them with wisdom and guidance as they enter our community.

With respect to the community.
~~~Honor The Game(tm)~~~
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