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Firearms enthusiast thoughts

Hi admins please delete if you disagree or if this is not allowed. Not spam just want to share
Hi everyone,
I have not been to any games... so you don't know me. Let me tell you I was an awesome "chairsofter" for years though hahaha. I LOVED buying and selling airsoft, was a member of airsoft Kelowna forums and still visit airsoft Canada forums from time to time. Building and sharing these enthusiast sporting guns was a passion. I still have a HUGE respect for airsoft and encourage everyone I meet, if they are interested, to get into it and be safe.
So what right? Why am I here?
i just want to encourage the community to get their PAL (possession and acquisition) licences if they haven't already. Not only does the PAL course teach safe practices that are very much applicable to airsoft (especially with the young man losing an eye in the uk.), but helps the community get involved in some major politics that are stiiring in Canada against the legal and safe members of the firearm community. Especially our Quebecois members.
When I joined the airsoft community in the early 2000's it was EXTREMELY difficult to get an AEG let alone a quality Tokyo Marui (gold standard back then... not like now). However I am seeing more of a link to scared uneducated people to firearms whether they are "real steel" or airsoft. If this misinformation continues the dark ages of airsoft will be upon us again. Fields will be closed, and won't come back.
In short, get involved. Become PAL holders, don't have to buy a gun just make it official. Show the community you live in that it's us, the law abiding citizens that own firearms. These proposed laws create a nanny state and will punish all of us.
Just some food for thought, not propaganda just real life concerns for us.Thanks for the time
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