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It's sad to see that getting a ''feeling'' at young age is getting drugs, or trying to get drugs or trying to get a feeling of drugs without drugs... and using some shit at Canadian Tire or something like this. Man, education and society !!! We got a major problem here. Our society show us only... man, you wanna be cool and be happy ? Get some beer, get drunk, and smoke some shit to get high !

What is it show in Beer ABS ? Simple, get some beer ? Get some fun !

Movie ? Get drugs, this will bring you girls and fun !

Man !!! There is other way to get a feeling ! Rush Adrenaline ! *Airsoft*

Be with a girl, not drunk, not in a high... on a plain... in a beautiful summer night... looking at the star... THAT is a Feeling ! She will probably bring you more than a feeling ! :tup:

Not getting drunk, high... sick and vomit on the floor for the rest of the night !!! Maybe on this GIRL ! DAMN !

Sorry, I'm just ... to see how the world is falling apart...
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