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Double-stack Pistol Magazine pouches question


I am shopping around for magazine pouches (3) for my KWA USP Compact (link for reference ) to be used on mostly on a regular, non-battle belt for target practice.
I believe I would like open top, rigid\Kydex pouches, that could if desired be mounted on a vest or battle belt in the future.

Looking around at products available I have some questions I am sure most of you can answer easily.

I believe that I am looking for double-stack compatible pouches, but in some cases, double-stack caliber options are presented on retailer sites; does that make any difference for an airsofter? If it does, which should I look for, and which to avoid?


1 -

2 -

I do not believe it makes a difference as long as it is double-stack, but, that is why I am asking here.

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