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It makes me cringe when people post up direct emails. I'm a programmer for a large company, and I've gotten really frustrated with a lot of our sales reps for giving out my contact info for support, instead of telling them to contact our tech support department. All I did was answer a question for these people once, and suddenly I'm "the guy" to send all their customers to.

If you get in touch with Janet, you should ask for the VFC customer service email, and post it back here. Otherwise, if someone comes back to this thread in a year and Janet's no longer with VFC, then they'll be out of luck. Similarly, if lots of people come back to this thread throughout the years, there'll be a disproportionate amount of emails to be serviced by one person, and customer service quality will suffer. Instead, you should encourage people to go through the appropriate channels, instead of contacting someone directly.

Plus, if I found out people were posting my direct email in a customer service thread, I would personally rub my bare butt on every single rifle being shipped to Canada. But I'm a little sensitive about this topic.
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