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it's sad but that's sort of "natural selection in society". kids were sniffing solvents in the 1950's, glue in the 1960's, gasoline in the 1970's and so on. this is not a new issue and is probably as old as civilization itself. kids by their nature are fearless, inventive and willing to try anything. banning something because of this is the last desperate act of an irrational society. you can't ever solve this type of problem nor control it. kids are invincible you see and rebellious to those who "know better" they must learn about the consequences of lifes decisions the hard way. sometimes this leads to injury or death. it is regretable but also necessary to our survival as well. if 1 kid dies and many others here about it, maybe only that 1 death will occur and other kids may heed the warning. just like pack animals we witness the mistakes of other members of our society and the smart (ie those destined to survive) will heed the warning and our society also survives and evolves. it's kind of a cold and heartless analysis considering that somebody's brother and son died, but i think it is a reasonable one.
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