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I have been around for 2-3 month now. I have a strict policy that any money I spend on my armory has to come from working with uber. so working a few days a week for a month got me:
1. lancer tactical M4 AEG(150$ish)
2. parts to make a new AEG of my own(200$+-50$) looks just like VR16 stinger
3. parts to build a new bigger AEG(150$ so far) I want this to be a longer range M4

future plans:
1. finish the two guns I am building(another 100$ at most I hope)
2. buy a AEP(max budget of 100$)

as for my job, I am a graduated with medical degree, unemployed but looking to do volunteer work in hospitals or not-for-profit organizations. I tutor on the side to pay my bills and save most of it.
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