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Join Date: Jun 2010
Location: Markham & Stouffville - Ontario - Canada
35 years....
Average middle class income....
Married. One stepchild. 2 yorkie poo pups.

1x ares stoner lmg (bone stock)
1x KA m4 (bone stock)
1x javelin m24 springer (too hot to field)
2x kjw g23/32's (mostly stock?)
?x AI impact 'nades (5 or 6 maybe?)

Slightly functional:
1x a&k Masada (cutoff lever issues, only full auto)

Non functional:
2x g&g m4's (projects that started but sizzled out - to be continued)
2x KA m4's (see above)
?x various parts enough to build maybe another 2x m4's...?
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