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I'm a graduate student, and historically been really good at saving my money, but bad at picking hobbies because it's always the expensive ones.

I make enough in the summer to pay for school, and I make enough as a TA to pay for Airsoft.

1 x GBB Pistol
1 x Pretty much stock AEG
1 x Moderately upgraded AEG
1 x Heavily upgraded AEG
aaaand Pouches everywhere...

Will probably sell one of the AEGs to finance a GBB rifle; but first I need to build up my mil-sim kit since I'm pretty much just a skirmish guy at the moment.

edit: I'm a believer in fewer, better guns; and don't ever see myself owning more than 3 rifles at a time. 1 for indoor, 1 for outdoor, 1 GBB...?
I've easily spent 2-3x more on non-gun equipment than I have on actual guns.

*Busy signing for his packages*

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