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Team Crazy Eights is recruting

Team Crazy Eights is looking for recruits!

We are a team located in the capital area and have members in Ottawa, Gatineau and Petawawa.

- You want to wear the C8 patch and be one of us, now is the occasion.

What you need to be a C8:
- Bilingual essential
- Team spirit & Initiative
- Great set of balls
- 18+ and be autonomous within the sport: transportation and fees

We are looking for dedicated players, our recruitment process serves the purpose of making sure you are C8 material.

To become a C8, you will need to:
- Meet every active member
- Play with us & face us a minimum of 3 times
- Be approved by all the active members
note that recruitment process may take as long as 3 month. If this seems abusive, don't waste your time and do not apply.

Contact me if you want to become a crazy 8.

Within your first contact plz add:
- name
- Callsign (if you have one)
- age
- years of airsofting
- primary load out / style of gameplay

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