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Originally Posted by CrazyEli View Post
My local store has the KJW 1911, M9A1, and Sig Sauer P226 (all from KJW) for around the same price. They all feel comfortable, but the M9 is a little bulky for my hand. By reading through the thread it seems they all have their pro's and con's, so is it wise to make the decision just from comfort?
In the end, a piece is a piece, it shoots.

It's effectiveness is solely in the hands of the user. Each is different. Each has quirks. You'll end up learning them over time. Starting with a comfortable gun is a the best start.

Being able to manipulate all of the controls with one hand is extremely important. Being able to do it without breaking grip is a bonus.

I've shot a lot of pistols (real and airsoft) and few truly feel comfortable. (Looking at you, HK 45)

Work with what you've got, and be thankful you're not eyeing a TT33.

Fuck those things.

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