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No worries about the one liner, haha. I'm very much used to it. At least you acknowledge it.

In the general world of pistols, you wouldn't base the decision solely on comfort. But now that you've narrowed it down to 3 solid models from KJW, comfort and ease of controls should be your biggest concern. If they feel good in your hands, try and play with the controls. Pull the trigger, manipulate the safety, use the slide release to lock the slide back, point the gun at a target and make sure that the sights line up with where you comfortably feel you were trying to aim at. Go for whichever one feels nice. As I mentioned above, I can't reach the 1911 slide release, so a 1911 would be at the bottom of my own list. Or, like Datawraith mentioned, you might notice that because of the angle of the pistol's grips, that the gun doesn't aim where you think you're pointing (in Datawraith's case, when he points a glock in a way that he feels natural, the glock's grip is sloped so that it's pointing lower than he wanted).

If the M9 is too big for you, then you ought to avoid it. The size is a complaint from a lot of people, and you may become the next person to join those complaining. Keep in mind that a P226 has a double stack mag, while the 1911 has a single stack mag. That's going to affect how many shots you can get out of your magazine before you run out of gas. A stock 1911 running on propane (green gas) may not be able to fire every BB in the mag before running out of gas.
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