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I remember your first thread.

I'll just echo what everyone else has said. The airsoft community is pretty friendly and supportive, and generally doesn't tolerate legitimate assholes. zombiesniper is spot on when he says "This sport is dominated by alpha type personalities that would have no problem telling that 1 in 1000 to STFU."

People help each other, regardless of if you've just met, or if you're on the other team, or what have you.

Most non-walk-on fields require you to be 18+ to play, and the gear is expensive and generally requires employment. Thus, you can usually expect a decent amount of maturity at a game. Well, sort of. There's always those groups of people who repeat the same gawd awful immature jokes relating their rifle to their dicks; or BBs to their balls; or trying to make themselves sound gay when they bring up using each other's body for warmth at night in a "I'm so not gay, and I'll prove it by talking about this commonly required form of keeping warm in a way that makes me sound gay. The irony will be hilarious" way.
...But you can expect maturity towards YOU as a player.

This isn't high school, and airsoft players generally don't arbitrarily act like dicks to somebody that they see as weaker in order to up their social status...Especially since that would lower their social status in THIS community, and probably get them kicked out of the game - if not outright banned from playing at most fields. You may as well have asked "will a 20-something-year-old that has invested thousands of dollars into this hobby, come out to a game and make fun of me because of my skin colour?"

However, this thread is full of responses from people who seem to have the organized/private games in mind.
If you head out to Ultimate Airsoft or Siege Airsoft in Toronto for a walk-on game, there's no telling who would be there. There also isn't that 18+ age limit. Some highschooler could just show up, rent a gun, and start ragging on other players to make himself feel better about his lack of skill. I've encountered plenty of assholes there, and you may encounter them as well.

But with that said, I know employees at both of those venues, and if they ever caught someone making fun of you for your disability, that person would very likely get reemed out and booted. It's difficult to say that "no airsofter will ever be a dick to you", but the VAST majority of airsofters are great people. And as zombiesniper pointed out, very few of them will have any problems sticking up for you, and game organizers/staff have no problem dealing with bad people. They have to deal with people not calling hits, or getting into arguments, or being douchebags in general. Since making fun of somebody falls under "being a douchebag in general", that douchebag gets dealt with.

You should also keep in mind that people come out to airsoft because they actually want to play airsoft. They invest time, money, and physical effort into it. They're there to play the game, have fun, and form those comradery bonds that keep people coming back for more. But if they're a dick to people, then they get no friends, no comradery, nobody wanting to play with them, and they're left with a heap of expensive gear that they can't use to play with anybody. There's very little incentive to treat other people like shit.

But of course, all of this is not to say that airsoft games are some SJW "safe space", where we're super sensitive about what we say. We're adults, and we should behave like adults. We're not going to make fun of you for something you have no control over, but people who get to know you may start feeling comfortable enough to tease you about things you do have a choice over. Like shelledpants making fun of a full multiglam uniform, or someone commenting about how your HK416 is inferior to their AK.
...Sometimes the teasing is warranted, and sometimes its just delusional.
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