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My first sidearm was a KJW M9 too. It was okay, but it recently started eating nozzle return springs, so I just run it without them with no real problems so far. Be advised though; M9s are BIG guns. They're long and have big fat grips. They point beautifully once you get used to them though. The safety is a bit of a PITA.

I currently run a TM P226. Absolutely awesome design. All the controls are easy to manipulate with one hand, and you have the option of getting the classic grip or the E2 grip. Also points great and is easy to adapt from the M9.

Personally, I hate Glocks, as they point all whacked up for me. I hold them straight, and the barrel is angled towards the floor; not good. 1911's have that annoying backstrap safety and the grips are slightly too thin for my liking.

Go to a store and try out all the different patterns and identify which ones point the most natural and feel the most comfortable.
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