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Originally Posted by ShelledPants View Post
My first gun (ever) was a KJW M9, and it was such a pain in the ass coming from no experience. Issues with them are poorly documented and the fixes can be daunting.
I got into airsoft at a later point, and I was able to find a fair bit of information about the KJW M9 if I recall correctly. Especially since it's mostly a TM clone with a hop up, I was able to find a lot based on the TM stuff.

Speaking of which, I should point out that the M9 was one of the first GBB pistols that TM produced, and it didn't even have a hop up. The original TM M9 isn't that great, and the KJW is supposedly an improvement (never owned an original TM M9 for a personal comparison, though), and does gave a hopup. However, TM came out with an M9A1 a few years ago, offers some improvement. Most notably a hop up and a functional decocker.

So if you do grab a KJW M9, and you're looking around for information on it and/or its TM parent, be aware that there's two versions of the TM M9 out there. As far as I know, KJW has not made a version based on the M9A1 (new one) from TM.

Originally Posted by ShelledPants View Post
The safety is a pain in the ass under pressure. Without a decocker, you're basically stuck with two options[...]
I fuckin' hate that M9 safety. I hate 1911 slide releases too, since I can't reach them, but at least you can power stroke it if you're releasing the slide...Doesn't help much if you want to lock the slide though.

When you're playing airsoft, you'll probably be playing with gloves (probably mechanix). I find that the M9 safety is no problem for me if I don't have gloves, but as soon as I have gloves on, it's a pain...Even with hours and hours of practicing to manipulate the safety. Your thumbs may be better than mine, though.

If you already own gloves for airsoft, I'd suggest trying out the guns with them on as well. The feel changes when you've got them on.

As for the decocker, the KWA has it, and the TM M9A1 (the new model) has it. I think that both WE and KJW are based on the old TM model, and have not been updated to have a functional decocker when put into safe.
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