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This thread has great posts. Solid fence here.

The point about Airsoft Berettas (but maybe not the KSC/ KWA with it's functional decocker) is a good one. The annoying things about them are totally tolerable if you love Berettas, but sour or inefficient if you don't.

On that note, my suggestion would be to get a hold of these things in store or at a game and buy the one that feels most comfortable to you. Any one of these platforms can work for you, but you will definitely like one kind more than any other.
You may even find that you love the way one gun looks more than the others but it feels like shit in your hand!

Berettas are my gun. I've learned to overcome the quirks in handling them because it's my jam.
1911s are also my jam, but I have to break my grip or use two hands to operate the controls, which is a problem for me.
Glocks are great but I don't point them naturally and they look like an inbred Pug.
Sigs are the best platform for me in terms of usage, but I'm not in love with their looks. USPs are a girl in a BMW and she is a model and I own the car and we are in love and we are married... but I haven't bought one yet.

You could be completely different!
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