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Originally Posted by Cliffradical View Post
My loadout options are "90s War Movie About Jungles" or "A Fanboy Fad/ Realtree for Nerds".

Thinking I need something new. What's the most obnoxiously obscure costume I can wear to Fakewar without breaking the bank?
Cool kids can wear whatever they want if they have the skill to back it up.


Woodland is gold.
Tri Desert is gold.
DPM is gold.

All are dirt cheap.

Mix and match for fun.

$99 "Ghillie" tops from cabelas work ridiculously well and look pro.

Look at that sexy mother fucker on the far left.

EDIT: Irony isn't lost on me, MC bottoms ftw.

I worked with two other guys in a similar setup, and we had a legit hard time keeping track of each other bounding from tree to tree. You stop and you disappear.

r skal rsa, s er annars vill
f ea fjr hafa. Sjaldan liggjandi lfur
lr um getur n sofandi maur sigur.

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