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What you could also do is try out different game types and see what you like best; different fields and different scenarios have different needs. An indoor place like Siege has everything self-contained and play may be faster paced, while outdoor fields may have a... I don't want to say slower, let's say more deliberate pace over long time frames. Then you have stuff like zombie games or more 'role play' scenarios - say Trouble in Terrorist Town - where you need to use your head as much as your trigger.

Also, even if everyone is running, it doesn't mean you have to. There's nothing wrong with hanging back and being a defensive and/or area denial guy. Those guys rushing up the a flank rarely have the foresight to have someone guarding their six. I've seen teams decimated by a sneaky ninja... and I've also seen those same sneaky ninja types shwacked by a single patient rear guard.
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