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Some would say the Krytac is better and some would say the VFC is better. Between those two guns, it's very much down to who you ask. It's really for you to decide. The krytac comes with a mosfet installed, so the extra $60 ($494 vs $434) may be worth it to you if installing a mosfet isn't currently in your skill-set. Both are very good guns you can't go wrong with either.

G&P is over priced IMO, they make very nice looking guns, but have lots of embarrassing issues that a gun with that price tag shouldn't have. Keep your choice between the Saber and the SPR. If you can't decide give me your credit card info and I'll surprise you.
I think it's down to those two now. Would any mods I might buy be compatible with either gun? Such as grips, sights, magazines etc? I imagine they would be provided they are for the M4 platform correct?

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