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If you keep worrying about all the fine details you're gonna never get anywhere.

He didn't say you can't run it, he said "risk," I've been running 11.1v solid for the past few months with no problems.

When somethings happens, then you look into it.

Just buy it, and go from there. Yes you'll have to upgrade at one point, do it when something breaks, if it breaks.

If you're SUPER WORRIED, get 7.4V and deal with it, nothing should break from there, you'll just get "poorer" performance.

Airsoft is wear and tear.


only worth mentioning VFC that comes with a mosftet is the 2015+ 416's, but they are outta your price range.
Ok good to know about the batteries.

Out of curiosity, what gun would you recommend from VFC that comes with a mosfet?

I found this. Not an 416 though, just the Saber.

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