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Turnigy is your best bet, we only recommend it. you picking vfc is great too, as they are the best

Hobbyking is all over the world, us ships faster, but international works depending where your items are, you may have to do international.

No, the one i linked you should be the exact same style/ones you get.

Don't get a peq box, unless you want it for looks. Peq box batteries are for front wired guns, I.E VR16 STINGER. Your gun is rear wired, and the QRS stock is huge, so it can house tons of battery space.

Just get the one I linked you, and a smart charger, like the genuine imax b6
Ok great thank you. So the 1 stick variant is what my gun takes and not the 3 stick variant right? The 3 stick battery wouldn't fit right?

As for the charger, is this the one you were referring to?

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