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11.1v lipo - hobby king be your best bit - Turnigy best brand, and smart charger.

Yes, that's a VR16 fighter, but if u are going to build something like a new rail, etc. just get the carbine for 300, and buy a new rail $80-1xx.

plenty of options mate, just decide what you want.
Ok good to know thank you. Was wondering about battery brands as well, thanks. I really like VFC VR16 Saber (long version) and will most likely choose it. Is hobbyking a US based store? I found the same battery on UCT for $24-$28 depending on the MAH, and one has 3 sticks, which I imagine wouldn't fit in the gun, or maybe it would?

Is a PEQ box something I should consider purchasing as well? Seems like they hold batteries and help extend battery life I think?

Sorry for so many questions but I like to know what's good or not before I buy.

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