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idk, a vfc vr16 carbine at 300 + tax is damn well imo from UTC... sure you get plastic hand guards, so extra $50 you get the RIS.. extra 100-150 you get the saber (rail + flash hider + qrs stock) (i parted the flash hider and stock for $40 and $50)

IMHO you can't beat $350 + tax for that, especially since it's vfc \_(ツ)_/"
I really like the VFC VR16 Saber, especially if it's only just over $100 more than the G&G CM16 SRXL. I think it's worth it, would seem like it is based on replies here and what I've seen.

As for BBs, if I were unable to find .30 bios, would .32 be fine?

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