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The difference between the Elite 1 & Elite 2 is the rail system. They look very similar but they're different. The Elite 2 has a longer rail for more real estate.

If I was choosing between the three you listed I would chose the Saber (then the elite 2). It gives you the most rail real estate, i.e. more options for configuring your lights and fore grips ect, while still leaving lots of room for your hand.

VFC is better than the Top tech lineup from G&G (inside and out). It's a better investment and definitely worth the extra cash; a great platform to upgrade as you get more involved over time.
Thanks for the input. Definitely considering a VFC now, you guys seem to like them. What gun are the VR16s based on? M4 or M16?

I found a VFC Saber from UpperCanadaTactical for $434.99, just over $100 more than the G&G CM16 SRXL. I imagine it would be 100% worth the extra money based on the replies here.

Also does anyone have retailer suggestions? Like which to avoid and which stores are best to buy from etc.
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