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An M4, M16, 416 style gun will use a Version 2 gearbox which is the most common. Upgrade parts will not be an issue to find; however if you are seriously considering spending 350 or more on a rifle I highly suggest you look at VFC. It is the preferred high-end platform and has fewer compatibility issues with upgrade parts. If you dig around online you can find a VFC VR16 starting at $350 canadian depending on the model. A cm16 is a good beginner gun when matching price and performance, although I can't say I've been very impressed by the Combat Machines I've tried.

Word of caution Hero's tends to have inflated prices, so shop around before you commit.

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Hey thanks for the info, I have noticed that Hero's prices are kinda all over the place.

I have been looking at VFC a bit, and came up with a few guns.

VR16 Saber Carbine - Black

VFC Full Metal VR16 Tactical Elite1 Carbine

VFC Full Metal VR16 Tactical Elite2 Carbine

I'm not really sure of the difference between the Elite 1 and 2. They seem very similar, must be something I'm missing. All three guns I listed seem really nice. They are more than $400 each however, but I am willing to spend it if the gun is worth it. These are full metal too, but I don't know how much better that makes them.

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I just got into airsoft recently as well. I bought the CM16 SRL and I really like it. The MOSFET and etu paired with a lipo make it very responsive and I've been having a great time the last few games I've went too. As far as accessories go I would wait till you play a bit and figure out what you really need. Chest rig, reliable magazines, single point sling and comfortable clothing and safety equipment are much more valuable. I've been running my gun bare bones and kind of like it that way.
Thanks for the reply! Good to know that you like it! Definitely will not forget comfortable clothing and safety equipment. By chest rig do you mean something to hold extra magazines and such?
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