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I'm new to airsoft and have some questions

Hey all.

I am new fairly new to airsoft, by that I mean I've used those clear plastic guns from Canadian Tire when I was younger () and now I am getting into airsoft for real. I can say that it is a bit overwhelming looking at all the available stuff!

I have been researching various guns and such over the past few days, and I have some questions. I like the M4 style and the 416 style (is that correct?) guns are cool too.

I have been considering the following guns:

G&G Top Tech TR4-18 Long AEG - Black - $449 Canadian

G&G Combat Machine CM16 SRXL - $325 Canadian.

Fair price difference between those two, so I was wondering if it the more expensive one is worth the extra money. I understand it is G&G's Top Tech range meaning top of the line from them I believe.

I want to put a fore grip of some kind on my gun, as well as a suppressor possibly. I would get extra magazines, and probably a sight/scope. Would either of those guns be easy to find parts/upgrades for?

If I have more questions I'll reply to my thread.

Thanks guys.

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