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Co2 powerlet to c02 tank adapter

I was looking around the internet for a while, and I was looking at Co2 pistols and the Co2 adapter for gas guns (

The thing is, I dislike gas guns because they're more expensive to shoot with, I do however have a compressor, so I can fill Co2 tanks up with just normal air, thus making them inexpensive to shoot.

What I want to do is to buy a gas gun, then use a Co2 adapter on the gas gun, but then I'll need another adapter so it can take 88gram Co2 bottles (I can't refill powerlets). Problem is that I've found no Co2 powerlet to Co2 88g tank adapter yet. Does anyone know where it's possible to find these?

I can also just buy a Co2 gun such as the KWC Desert Eagle (, and just use a gas mag for this, and then attach the co2 powerlet adapter into the gas mag. I have a feeling this may be the safest thing to do, because it's made for Co2 usage.

Any help finding an adapter for 12g co2 powerlets to any larger, refillable co2 tanks would be appreciated.
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