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Hmmmmm, 3 year necropost...
Oh well, what the hell; I'll contribute too.

Custom KJW KC02 with full custom internals with either my P226 or M9 (whichever I feel like) on the small of my back or in a drop leg. I currently use a 1-4x scope, but it's not a short dot and FOV isn't great, so saving up for a nice Vortex 1-6x short dot.

Currently a MARPAT bdu setup with a battlebelt+drop leg system for my mags so I have easy access even while prone. Hydro carrier on my back for water access and no reflection off plastic or noises of metal clanking. Throat mic + earpiece + radio for comms. Currently adding a CADPAT poncho for raingear

Future loadout will be a full Pencott Greenzone BDU + Plate Carrier + D3CR + Tyr Gunfighter Belt + HSGI drop leg system. (I know, expensive as hell...) I might add a flatpack or something in Greenzone to this kit too (so I can carry MREs, extra water, extra ammo, other bits and pieces I might need)

Don't like ghilles; they catch on too much stuff and is too heavy. Hence the planned full Greenzone kit; it's both a disruptive and mimicry pattern and basically turns you invisible lol.

@Vandal*Qc*: As a sniper, why would you mount your pistol on your chest? Isn't it cumbersome to reach for when you're prone? Same with your mag pouches on your front.
Primary: Custom ZTW VFC AR - Custom RTW VFC AR - KJW KC02
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