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Originally Posted by Cliffradical View Post
Ares guns are very nice, but they have some proprietary parts. This may make upgrades or repairs more difficult in the future.
I see that website has some nice looking G&Ps which may be a better choice in the long run if you can save a bit more money. VFC is also an excellent choice.
G&Gs (Top Tech line) are pretty damn good for the price, so that's worth consideration if you want to save money.

I gather you're from Romania? Welcome to ASC!
Your country has very beautiful and diverse terrain, I imagine it must be fun to play out there. Where I live everything is very flat and yellow/ brown....
Hello there,

First of all, thanks for your opinion, it means alot for me!
Yes, thats exactly what I heard about Ares guns, they are excellent but if something happends, the repair will cost alot. On the other hand, G&P's are alittle over my budget, VFC, not really my type. The last and most likely choice that I will make probably remains G&G's, I heard that are very sustainable with alot of upgrade possibilities, and that will be this one -> . What do you say ?

Yes, I am from Romania, our country has some really nice terrains, alot of diversity but mainly woods and plains, sadly in my region I am also playing on a flat field... with very a little wood (not sure if I can call that a wood). The main atraction of Airsoft in Romania is the center of the country (by terrains).
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