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From a rights and freedoms perspective its definitely backwards. Unelected bureaucrats defining and making laws. As a firearm owner recently turned airsofter I've seen what the RCMP and CFP will do to legal law abiding gun owners. Reclassifying previously non-restricted firearms to prohibited firearms overnight without any notification was our most recent fight. Imagine that legally purchasing something only to have it make you a criminal later on without even knowing. Luckily the Conservatives reversed that before getting turfed. Now with a Liberal government things will get worse. The RCMP is currently trying to redefine the magazine regulations to make our much loved LAR-15 mags and .50 Beowulf mags illegal and the RCMP and Liberals seem pretty hot on prohibiting many semi auto firearms if they can get away with it. As Canadians we do not have property rights so all it takes is a few reclassifications or regulations and bye bye personal property or face criminal charges. With society becoming hoplophobic and anti-gun I think it's only a matter of time before airsoft gets dragged into the mix. It might not be on anyone's radar today but it'll slowly fall victim to more regulation and legislation.
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