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Originally Posted by Wolfeyes45 View Post
I tried to get age verified.. I am a 46 year old man...I work for a living to get verified for this site I have stated looking for other
You joined the server 3 days ago...... you have not tried very hard apparently....

Looking at your account, your IP says you are a Telus customer from Alberta.

Considering that there is a retailer in Calgary who has AVer that work there, and a retailer in Red Deer which one of our Admins owns, and a retailer in Edmonton that has AVer's working there, not to count the multiple other Verifiers all through out the province one believes you did not try very hard......

So for a 46 year old man that is a poor attempt.........

FYI I work for a living too, usually putting between 50 to 70 hours in weekly, yet I still find time to help keep the site running, process AV requests, deal with whiners who are usually to lazy to walk 3 blocks to meet up at a local timmies (yes I had a person actually to lazy to walk to the Tim's across the street from their house after I drove 2 hours to meet them for an AV.......). So please give it a little effort on your behalf, and wait longer than a couple days for our VOLUNTEERS to contact you back. It's worth the short wait to gain access to more here.
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