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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
Yes and no. They definately work, but some better than others. It all depends on how heated your body gets and what weather you're playing in. Also, be careful buying these products online as there are plenty of knock-offs out there, which can include crappy fans and non-ballistic lenses.

DS Tactical carries:
- Revision Desert Locust w/fan
- ESS Goggles w/fan
- Smith OSW w/fan

And is a great Canadian retailer.

The Revisions SHOULD be good as they are fairly large, so they could encompass glasses. Some goggles are uncomfortable with glasses, so maybe read a review. Many goggles can have corrective inserts in them as well.

Another option is to buy micro fans and so your own setup. I did this with a set of WolfSpiders and fogging is a zero issue, even in high humidity.
Revisions do not guarantee protection while wearing eyeglasses under their locust goggles. At the very least it would at best be a tight fit I couldn't fit my glasses under it and had to use contacts.

For glasses use a paintball mask like JT's or ESS Land op goggles
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