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Originally Posted by Zeroroaster View Post
Hey Ricochet, that said, do they not also recommend a mosfet for Lipo applications due to rate of discharge? Do you also still have to charge them in a bag?

In a nutshell...good ol' Wiki...
If you dont know that, then with all due respect, you should not be giving people an opinion on lipo batteries.

Mosfets are strongly recommended for 9.6v nimh large cell batteries and 11.1v lipo batteries, and thats due to the voltage, not specifically the amperage.
Higher voltage causes arcing, which will dirty the trigger contacts, and a high amperage coupled with high arcing will destroy them.
You can safely run any stock gun off a 7.4v lipo, no problem.

Discharge rate is not something you need to be concerned about unless you're under the motor requirements.
So if your motor draws 15A and you supply only 10 from a lipo, big problem.
If the motor draws 15A and your 9.6v mini only supplies 3A, no big deal.
If the motor draws 15A and your lipo supplies 50,000A, no big deal.

Ive got a thread on batteries in the noob section that covers all this in detail. There are other major advantages to lipo over nimh aside from the energy density.
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