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I talked to the guy who AV'd me here (Do that) and followed his advice. Bought nice foot gear, goggles etc then did a long series of trades to end up with a G&G combat machine and a Marui.

Used both, and here's what I'd say.

G&G's are great. Reliable, easy to use. Great starter. Think of it as a nice Corolla.
Nice VFC's, Marui's etc etc are a nicer car. Like a BMW, more expensive, but nicer to drive. Both will still get you from point a to point b. One's just better at it.
From everything I am reading G&G is a great entry level gun that should be pretty dependable. Not anticipating a lot of play unless my group really gets back into it all.

Looking for simplicity and the model I am looking at seems to be a good package with a reliable gun that I could upgrade a bit if I wanted higher FPS. I do not care about how fast it shoots, in reality I would prefer it to be single shot only, would/will never use full auto. Thanks for all the great advice everyone, it is much appreciated!
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