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Guys like Thunder, Ricochet, Biorage, Red dot and myself have been doing this for a while, weve seen what works and what doesn't. Fact is playing the role of a sniper isn't terribly useful vs AEGs

If OP wants to play as a sniper then go ahead, but its not the optimal starting point. If he wants to get a G&G its an okay platform, with okay quality control. for every story I hear of someone loving their G&G i hear of one failing in a few weeks.

I rarely ever hear that for VFC, plus allot of the low end G&gs come with allot of plastic internals, subpar grease, piss poor shim jobs and plastic bodies.

a $300 dollar VFC will come with a meh or okay shim job (could probably use a shim or two but nothing catastrophic) , okay grease, stronger internals, and metal externals. Basically your getting what you pay for. In the end, G&G combat machines have made this sport accessible to new players every where, but you get more bang for paying more.

Airsoft is simply like that, the better stuff costs more.
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