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Originally Posted by Desmodus View Post
They have far better quality control and are a better upgrade platform down the road. They also retain their value a lot better.
VFC is a much nicer gun, and the red dot sights are mostly trash if they come with the guns.

As for battery life that depends on MAH, and the charger is usually not a smart charger (in the packages that come with the gun) that means you want to watch the charger cause it will NOT stop when the battery is charged and can damage the battery and cause it to overheat and become a fire hazard.

But I find for example two 1100mah batteries will last me a skirmish day and I don't shoot a whole lot. Again buy your batteries/chargers from RC hobby stores, its cheaper. Allot cheaper

G&G is an okay gun, but VFC is a high end gun.

In reality both are good choice for starters but VFC has better quality control resulting in less defects.

AEGs are mostly weather resistant, cold can still effect performance. As the temp drops battery life will start to suffer (once you get below 0 degrees its useful to put the battery in a sock if you got space or keep your spare on the inside pocket of your coat so it stays warm while waiting to be used. And hop up rubbers stiffen up in the cold as well, making them less effective.

Other than that there isn't any huge changes in AEG performance. But if the temp nears or dips below -10 I recommend you stop playing. Most AEG gearboxs are a low quality pot metal and become brittle in the cold.
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I know that isn't really what you asked, but it's the internet, and I like to type things that don't matter.
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