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stock sniper rifle=stock AEG in range but less rounds per second and no advantages.

basically your going to take 30 hits to maybe get 1 hit in most cases.

AEGs are infinitely more game able.

Select watch you want gun wise. Lets say M4

Okay, G&G M4's are great starters and easy to find. and a stock AEG can hold its own in a firefight and it will come down more to user than gun in 99.9 percent of firefights.

I'd recommend an extra battery and charger, maybe a new load bearing rig.

So lets say you go G&G and condor + an extra battery, decent charger and a pack of mid cap mags. And lets also assume you use some basics from paintball like your camo or game clothes, mask and footwear.

G&G gun, 200-300
Condor basic load bearing chest rig (not molle, you can get molle for same price+pouches) 50
battery and charger from a hobby shop (not airsoft store) 30-40
mags 50
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