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Thanks for all this info, really gives me a lot to look at. I am completely on board with paying for quality. When I started playing paintball we all used cheap Canadian tire pump guns and they were always trouble, especially in the winter. I eventually upgraded to a tippman and bought a good pump hand gun. So much more enjoyable when you know your gun is going to shoot.

I am looking for something ultimately that is not fully automatic. I do like the sniper rifles for their limitations in this regard, seems like most or the ones I have looked at carry less amo in the clip. From my paintball games, I would only cary about 20 shots on me for a match.

Was checking out G&G's website, like the look of the GR25 and from the youtube videos I watched it seems very solid as well as being upgradable.

In regards to the FPS, how does this work with being adjustable? Do you upgrade the battery or is there something else internally that needs to be swapped out to handle a higher FPS?

Lastly, any good online stores anyone can recommend?
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