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Originally Posted by wonderings View Post
Thanks for the info guys, much appreciated. Budget, well I am not to concerned with that, mid 30's with a good job allows me some luxuries, though would probably not want to spend more then $300
Might want to raise the bar a little higher;
G&G gun (best balance of stock performance/reliability/durability/cost)
eye protection (although PB mask would be okay)
mags, batteries, battery charger, BBs
New LBE with mag pouches for that gun
I don't think $500 is unreasonable, especially since you'll probably have $200-$300 worth of gear you can use in airsoft already.

Keep in mind, airsoft has a higher startup cost than paintball, but is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper in the long run.
Charging batteries costs you nothing, it's ~$30/4000 for high end BBs, your biggest cost to play airsoft for a day is either gonna be gas in your car or field fees.

Originally Posted by wonderings View Post
What would be something that would make it gameable? Are there key features most guns are missing when buying new?
Range and accuracy generally leave something to be desired (if you know how good an airsoft gun CAN shoot), but good news; range and accuracy can be greatly improved just by upgrading your hop rubber (which also happens to be the cheapest upgrade of all). And use .28g BBs; heavier BBs are more accurate and fly further. I've got a great writeup on it in this section.

It's advisable to also upgrade the gears and piston, BUT you can usually just wait till they break, especially in a G&G; they're not so bad. And just clean your barrel after every game. Simple as that.
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