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Thanks for the info guys, much appreciated. Budget, well I am not to concerned with that, mid 30's with a good job allows me some luxuries, though would probably not want to spend more then $300

I can see going for more sniper rifle type guns. The guys I play paintball with are not trigger happy, its the new guys who never play this that are generally the "Wasteful" ones when it comes to ammunition. An idea of how we played paintball, in a 4 hour session I would shoot maybe 30 shots in game, did more between games trying to hit cans and stuff

I watched some youtube reviews and the echo m28 echo1 got some rave reviews. I like that it seems pretty solid and full of good features right out of the box. Not sure if I can get it in Canada though.

Good to know about the biodegradable BB's, thought, or hoped they would all be biodegradable, looks like I will have to shop for specific bio ones.

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