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New to airsoft, a few questions...

I do not have any experience with airsoft, I have done paintball over the years on private land with friends.

First question is really what is best, electric, gas or spring? I like the realism aspect of airsoft guns. Any playing I do would be out doors, 4 seasons. So dependable and conistent are strongly desired. Would be nice to not need to get "gas". I am assuming this is similar to paintball CO2 or whatever it is they are using now?? I do not care about fully automatic weapons, I would prefer single shot like pump paintball guns. The style my friends and I have always played was that way and we really enjoyed it. Much more sneaking around with no one just going nuts shooting off a few hundred shots in the blink of an eye.

Second question is about the BB's. Are they biodegradable? I would be playing in a forest on private land, so not polluting with plastic pellets is a big MUST.

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