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Hmm... let's see, I can come up with an estimate and as for prices, this probably an average based on what I can find on the internet, not including sites like Ebay.:

Let's start from the top, a real ballistic grade FAST helmet would cost roughly $900. Add to the helmet, let's throw in a PVS-14 which would cost about $3000 and a set of Peltors for say $500. The eyepro would be very cheap like $100 for a set of ESS.

Now that's just from the helmet setup, now let's say we're using a plate carrier like a LBT 6094, that's going to be $400. Inside the carrier are real plates, so that would cost maybe $500 for a set. Add to it some HSGI tacos, maybe a set of 3 double decker taco for $180 with malice clips included. And as for the back, let's put in a MAP with a camelbak inside which all together would be $200

Now to finish it off, let's look at a belt setup. Let's start with a TYR Brokos belt which would be about $120. Let's add some pouches like say 2 more tacos for $100. A dump pouch from HSGI would be $60, a fully loaded IFAK pouch would cost another $100 or so. And let's not forget a holster for your secondary like a G-Code or Serpa which would cost $50.

So, overall, a setup like this would cost $6110. Now this doesn't even include the cost of a primary, secondary, and even mags. So there, I nearly doubled the price of that setup shown in the video.
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