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Originally Posted by Barf View Post
Still around. Just a warning. Your hobbies eventually catch up with you. I have to juggle hobbies and expenses. Bought one of these, and later, one of these. So my my time and money is spoken for for the foreseeable future.

The old times were the best. Who here remembers the Kingston and Coldwater games with Mouse, Shneedle, JustBob, The Dogs of War....? Kingston games usually ended in a BBQ.

Still remember Operation: Hooters.....
Congratulations bud! Welcome to the Dad club.

Yes those Kingston Field games with the Salamanders were epic all in their own right. Remember the 3 Chimps that joined us? Too many laughs with those guys. I remember fixing Spleen's M16 with a rock once.
86 Tactics Change.
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