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FYI mods and admins can read all deleted posts and all previous edits. So no sense in deleting what you originally post to try and hide it.

There is zero grudges or vendetas against you. But there are forum rules and Real Life laws which must be followed. Break them and our staff will deal with as necessary.

STOP making new posts to whine and cry or Plead your case as that only annoys more of our members (and staff), and gets you on more radars than you should be. Hell I personally thought about informing the SPS about your original posts when you made them due to their nature. But I did not, I gave you a warning and shut down your threads. You then decided to keep pushing/poking. Push and Poke the staff to many times will earn temp bans.

SO LISTEN TO ALL THE ADVICE YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN. Learn more, read, stop asking how to do borderline or fully illegal items against advice to do not do so from those who have been in this sport far far far longer then you have

Nuff said.

/yet another thread locked.
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